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  1. Name our new Man inspired fragrance made with Amber Wood, Citrus, Sea Salt, and Bergamot.
    1. Winning name – The Hunter
    2. Winner’s name – Judd
    3. About the Winner – He is a loving husband, Chef, Writer, and computer-generated imagery artist. He lives in Kansas with his wife and they enjoy taking mini vacations with friends.
  2. Name our new Cherry inspired fragrance made with Cherry.
    1. Winning name – Ma Chérie
    2. Winner’s name – Sherry
    3. About the Winner – She has two adult children and grandchildren that her life has revolved around; they make up her world. She is a retired mail carrier who loves candles, art and wooden sculptures. She has two 2.5 ft tall black bears carved out of tree trunks.




We’ve discontinued Green Tea & Honey. What fragrance should we replace it with?